Monday, August 24, 2015

Steve Dancy Goes Audio! Sample Chapter.

The first two novels in the Steve Dancy Tales were narrated by Rusty Nelson. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to listen to Rusty’s engaging rendition of The Shopkeeper and Leadville. These two books were produced by Books in Motion, which no longer records new material. Jim Tedder is picking up where Rusty left off.

I couldn't be more pleased. Tedder is a consummate professional with over 35 years in the business. Most authors don't have broadcast experience and underestimate the talent required to verbally pull listeners through to the end of a story. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I believe storytelling is paramount in fiction writing. (Storytelling is really the world’s oldest profession. Illustrators followed close behind with cave paintings.) Tedder has a natural storyteller’s voice and inflection. You can almost hear the campfire crackling as he talks. You don’t have to take my word for it. Take a listen to this sample chapter. Audio is a whole new way to experience the Steve Dancy Tales.

The Jim Tedder narrated Murder at Thumb Butte is now available and may be gifted for Christmas.

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