Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surf Vacation Over ... Wish April Was Over

My brother and sister and their spouses spent the week with us in San Diego. We talked, surfed, visited museums, dined out, cooked in, and drank a bit. We had a few days of good surf and a few mediocre days. It didn't matter ... I was almost always mediocre. It was a great time, but now we are back in Arizona facing a horrific April.

I’m usually early in tax filing, but this year I was so anxious to get The Return into editing that I have barely gathered up my records. We are also moving to Nebraska from Arizona, so there are real estate deals to close in both states, financing to get done, and twenty-two years of stuff to wade through to figure out what to move. Oh yeah, I’m also supposed to make a movie of our 2012 Christmas holidays with our families. If I don’t get it done before we move, I may see snow on the ground in Omaha before I get around to it.

The one bright spot is that I have a week scheduled in Nevada to research the next Steve Dancy Tale. That will give me a break from all the numbers and forms: taxes and financing and closings and bills. If I get too stressed out, I’ll start the next Dancy novel and escape to 1880.

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