Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On The Road Again

wild west
We left Beatty, Nevada fairly early in the morning yesterday and stopped for breakfast in Tonopah, Nevada. This was a nostalgic stop. A few years ago, the four of us got caught driving in a white-out blizzard that had us nervous as hell. To say there was nothing in this part of Nevada would be an understatement. Then Tonopah came into blurred view through the windshield. The main casino in town was the most beautiful oasis of light and warmth on the planet. Checking in, we discovered $29 rooms that came with a roll of nickels and a five dollar discount certificate for the restaurant. We had landed in a toasty haven of congeniality.

This visit was different. In clear weather, the casino looked threadbare and dusty. Breakfast was of the mass quantities variety, with omelets the size of a football. The food was good and the people rural America friendly. Trouble didn't come until we asked the bill to be evenly split between two credit cards. Our server looked struck by pure terror. The bill was $38.43, and she laid chits on the table for $20.18 and $21.43. After laughing, we decided to not even attempt to get the bills straight. We just added a tip and skedaddled.

the shopkeeper

We arrived in Garnerville in the early afternoon. The views were terrific, wild and domestic animals plentiful, and the hospitality welcoming. Our friends had enough food laid out to feed an Old West cavalry troop. After touring their new home, we complimented their handiwork, caught up on the latest happenings, ate again, and imbibed a little. The only task we tackled was deciding what to do the next day. We would make our first foray a visit Virginia City. Can’t wait.

steve dancy

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