Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Author Interview by Tom Rizzo

Not too many posts lately because my brother is visiting from Hawaii and we're surfing everyday at Tourmaline Beach. My sister is also here, so the conversations go late into the night and I forget all about social media. Even my email is stacking up like two-by-fours at a lumber yard.

Tom Rizzo did a nice interview with me, so I took a few moments to post a link to his website.

Link to interview

"JAMES D. BEST likes to write what he calls “fish-out-of-water” stories. He has written six novels and a non-fiction technology book that he says “you don’t really want to buy.” Visit his website and he’ll tell you why. Jim has also served as a ghostwriter, a magazine columnist, and is an active blogger. Learn more about him, his stories, his thoughts on Westerns as historical fiction, and the key element needed for any successful novel."

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