Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Future of the Western Genre

I've posted an article on Ezine about the future of the Western genre.

"For the last couple of decades, enthusiasts have lamented the demise of Westerns while the rest of the world has gone about its business, ignorant that anyone might care about a genre relegated to a few obscure shelves at the local bookstore. Westerns were hugely popular for over a hundred years. Not only were they popular in the United States, but the whole world devoured them. The Western was a staple of fiction, Hollywood, television, and daydreams. What happened?"

Follow this link, to read the full article.


  1. Great article - though one correction - 1931 Cimarron was actually the first western to win best picture Oscar.

  2. Big mistake. I also forgot Dances with Wolves in 1990. Another error was that Richard Boone played Paladen, but the program name was Have Gun, Will Travel.

  3. No worries - I forgot Dances with Wolves too - Still Unforgiven is better than them both. In my opinion, of course