Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Murder at Thumb Butte

It's coming slow, but the next Steve Dancy is making progress. Cover design is now complete, but editing is still in process, and then there's proofreading. Looks to be about two more months.


  1. I am almost finished with Leadville and need Murder At Thumb Butte bad!!! When can I expect it in paperback? Love your books!!! Can't put them down!!


  2. Thanks for the kind comments. It looks to be sometime in August before the print version is out. Always surprises me how long it takes to get a finished book onto the shelves.

  3. I've almost finished Murder at Thumb Butte. It is very good like previous ones. I hope every year you will publish one Steve Dancy novel.
    I am looking similar historical novels passing old west, could you recommend any?
    Thank you writing so good.