Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Actor James Best Died Yesterday

James Best (1926-2015)
This makes me sad. Although I never met the man, I always felt connected with him, especially during the time I lived in Los Angeles. When I called for a reservation at a good restaurant, they often asked if I was the actor. Although tempted to borrow his fame, I always answered no. Fans have written assuming I was the actor, and my books were temporarily listed under his name on IMDB. He's the reason I use my middle initial when I write.

If I'm going to be confused with someone, I'm glad it was Mr. Best. From all accounts, he was a fine human being.


  1. My husband and I always watched dukes of Hazzard. We will always miss. James best. We liked james
    Our condolences go out to the family of James best.
    Since rely. From. Charles and patty. Robertson.

  2. Like other people, I thought maybe he was related. In any event, I'm sorry to see he has passed away.