Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's All Good!

The difference between reality and imagination is an important distinction for me. Especially since I make my living writing fiction. The great thing about storytelling is that you can make up new friends and enemies, embellish the truth, or even bend time.

I started writing fiction when I was a consultant with a lot of idle time in hotels. After a stressful day, I could come back to my room and after a few minutes of writing I was completely at ease, transported to another place and time. The imaginative had become reality.

I'm seventy years old. My brain still feels fresh and young, but the reality is my body is sore and not always willing to do what I bid it to do. A while ago, I rode the wave in the top photograph. My son, with a little Photoshop magic, turned it into the bottom picture. I'd like to be able to ride a big wave, but in truth, I'm happy as punch to get any rides at all. A couple years ago, a ruptured disc made it impossible for me to get from my bed to the bathroom without a walker. Now, every wave is a blessing and I'm thankful I can still get up and down the hill to the beach. I have as much fun at my local beach break as I used to have in more challenging surf. Beside, I can always sit at my keyboard and imagine it to be whatever I want. 

And that's the point … it's all good.

(Here's a recent surfing video made with a GoPro.)


  1. yep, every wave is a blessing James! Keep surfin', keep writin'!

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