Monday, October 15, 2012

Single-Tasking—The Ultimate Luxury

An article in the Wall Street Journal got me thinking. Single-tasking has become a luxury. L. Gordon Crovitz's article is titled “How the Internet saved the Novel.” He writes, “Engaging with a novel … requires rare focus in our information-snacking lives.”  Crovitz concludes with, “The more time people spend tracking fleeting pixels on digital screens, the more they seem to yearn for something else. The well-crafted novel is more alive than ever.”

In this multi-tasking world, nothing can be more relaxing than having only one thing on your mind. Getting lost in a really good story does the trick. Sit down and single thread a novel for a quick break from the travails of everyday life. You can do it anywhere, any time, and for as long as the world allows. You will be instantly transported to another place, another time, and another set of lives. What could be better than that?

What would be better would be reading a great novel in the perfect place. Like Lake Powell, for instance. With more coastline than the state of California, you can always find a private nook with nobody around and stone cliffs make cell and radio communication impossible. Good novels, water toys, and Lake Powell. The ultimate modern day vacation. Relax. No one can get in touch with you, no can interrupt your reading, and no one can demand that you do three things at once. Unless you bring the kids, but that’s another story.

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