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The Steve Dancy Tales include seven novels and two short stories. The short stories were originally published in the Western story anthologies Wanted and Wanted II
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Snake in the Grass
A Steve Dancy Tale by James D. Best

The boy appeared crazed. McAllen had merely asked to talk to the owner of the horses. His simple query had caused the young man to shout words McAllen could not understand. Either the wrangler had stolen the horses or had spent too much time in the sun without a hat. No matter, McAllen decided to look elsewhere. He turned to leave.

“Where the hell ya think yer goin’?” the wrangler demanded.

“I won’t bother you anymore,” McAllen answered, with a wave of his hand.

He held his daughter’s hand as they descended a pebble strewn slope leading back to their own horses. The stones were loose and slippery, and he didn’t want her to fall. 

He fell. His boots scooted right out from under him, and he found himself on the ground, looking up at his disapproving daughter. 

“I thought you were holding my hand,” Maggie said. “I didn’t know I was supposed to keep you on your feet.” 

McAllen was about to make a sharp retort, when he heard the wrangler chortling. McAllen, his daughter, and Steve Dancy were on their way to buy breeding stock for McAllen’s horse ranch. When they had approached this lone rider herding about twenty horses, he had yelled obscenities and behaved as if mad. Now the ill-mannered wrangler sat atop the small knoll, laughing at him. McAllen nearly marched up the incline to throw the rascal off his horse so he could also experience meeting the ground unexpectedly.
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